How to set someone as your proxy?

Using cleos:

There is a wide variety of ways that can be employed in order to do so. The generic one offered in the core implementation of EOS as of today, is through cleos.

To set someone as your proxy using cleos you have to run the following command:

$ cleos system voteproducer proxy accountnumX proxyvoterY

In case if one wishes to delegate one’s stake to 0хBP proxy, {accountnumX} should be substituted with his or her account, while {proxyvoterY} should be replaced with {eoshorizonio}.

Using eostoolkit.io and Scatter:

Before selecting someone as your proxy using the EOSToolKit voter you need to install Scatter. You can choose either Google Chrome Extension Scatter or Desktop Scatter (make sure you install the latest version).

Step I.

Install Scatter and set it up (prepare your private key and account name).

Step II.

Go to https://eostoolkit.io/ and press “Attach Account”.

Then you have to go back to scatter.

You will recognize that you can interact with EOSToolKit once both Read, Write, and Account are checked.

Step III.

Go to the bottom of the page and find “Manage Account” and select “Set Proxy”. In case you wish to select 0хBP as your proxy, replace proxyvoterY with eoshorizonio and accountnumX with your EOS account name.

Click “Set Proxy”.