Code of Conduct

We, as 0xEOS, the ØxGames-powered Block Producer stand firm behind our commitment to take our best efforts to serve the growing community of EOS. Our values and the code of conduct we hereby commit to abide are described in detail below.

Our Values

We are committed to using all fee rewards and other benefits accruing to us from producing EOS blocks for the development and marketing more dApps, thereby further enriching the surrounding ecosystem. Transparent and, hence, verifiably fair or ‘trustless’, this process will be completely aligned with the values that have been, are, and forever will be powering our work, our team and our ideals. These values are:

  1. Fairness to community, transparency to each and every stakeholder,
  2. Dedication to burning as much midnight oil as it takes to improve upon the results of yesterday,
  3. Open-source code, and beyond anything,
  4. Inspiration looming through every detail of products we create.

Code of Conduct

Community-driven performance

In any and all of our undertakings, decisions and actions we hereby commit to act ethically and transparently. Subject to all current and future limitations imposed by EOS Constitution and the decisions of EOS Arbitrators, our ultimate goal defining and shaping our actions is to maximize the value of EOS ecosystem. Thus, we view the EOS community as the ultimate beneficiaries of our actions.

Our business revolves around the creation of dApps. Through years, we have acquired vast experience and deep expertise in operating within, and serving the interests of, decentralized communities. At all times these shall remain our highest priorities irrespective of the decentralized network we deploy our applications on.

EOS Constitution and decisions of Arbitrators

We hereby commit to perform all of our actions in strict compliance with the most recent version of the EOS Constitution. In all such cases that involve a dispute and might be subject to interpretation we hereby, commit to abide by the decisions of Arbitrators elected by the EOS community.

Transparency and Independence

We hereby commit or structure our operations and decision making processes in a way that would ensure absence of any conflicts of interest and enforce transparency disclosing in timely and consistent manner all the information relevant for our status of an independent and unbiased block explorer. In particular, we ensure the absence of any operational or financial bias by holding no stake - directly or indirectly - in other block producers and by not operating and/or having no interest, monetary or otherwise in operations of other block producers on any single chain built on EOS software. Other block producers do not and will never have any stake in ØxGames.

All the rewards accruing to ØxGames as a result of our BP activity will be transparently reallocated back into the community by financing (a) the scaling of our infrastructure to always keep up to date with the technical requirements imposed by the level of activity of EOS blockchain, and (b) the development and deployment of dApps and any other software that would promote the adoption and improvement of the underlying EOS blockchain infrastructure.

Optimal Network Performance

ØxUniverse is consistently among top three most popular dApps on the Ethereum blockchain based on TX volume. In the years following its creation we have acquired deep expertise in working with and scaling high-load decentralized networks.

We hereby commit to put all the reasonable efforts to promote high network performance by all the means available subject to limitations elaborated upon in Code of Conduct and regproducer agreement as well as in the EOS Constitution and the decisions of the elected Arbitrators. We hereby pledge to provide all the resources, human, financial, technological and others that bare relevance, to the initial creation, subsequent maintenance and continuous improvement of the technical infrastructure underlying the performance of the BP.

Vote buying

We consider vote buying and other similar manipulations of the voting process to be by far the largest enemies, by far the single largest friction on the market for delegated decision making power.

We will abstain from providing any remuneration, monetary or otherwise, for the votes given or potentially to be given to us by any participant of the EOS ecosystem. We will provide the full transparency about any and all of our transactions clarifying the economic nature of these transactions.