It seems like you either:

1. Don’t have Scatter installed,

2. Running, or

3. You have denied giving the permission.

You might want to get familiar with our “How to vote 0x?” page or with “How to install and use Scatter?” article.

In order to Vote 0x:

1. Install Scatter

2. Link your EOS account to Scatter

3. Vote for zeroxeosnode

In order to proxy 0x:

1. Install Scatter

2. Link your EOS account to Scatter

3. Set eoshorizonio as your Proxy!

About us

We, at 0xGames are the insiders of the expanding landscape of video gaming.

When making games, we especially focus on the blockchain-enabled features as they unbound new dimensions in gameplay mechanics.

As EOS Block Producer, we will leverage our extensive expertise of working with dApps and communities around them to establish versatile technical infrastructure and take active part in the evolution of EOS goveranance layer.


We believe that EOS has both, sufficient fundamentals to become the new paradigm for bringing dApps into everyday life, and strong potential for sustainable future protocol evolution.


We at 0xGames strongly believe that two preconditions must be met in order for DLT to prosper and thrive.

The first one is a platform sufficiently scalable and flexible to accommodate the emerging and yet unknown demands of the new era. EOS is such a platform.

The second is a sufficiently strong channel for mass adoption. Gaming is that propagation channel.

The intersection between the two is where the fire of mass adoption ignites. And this, is where we stand.

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Our Values

Fairness and Transparency
Open Source Paradigm
Dedication to Quality
Product Orientation
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Our team

Our intention to carry the industry of digital currencies one step further into the future lasts already for almost an entire decade.

This makes up a combined century of liberty ideals-powered inspiration that we have consistently channeled into the Fintech world.